Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (Shoppers)

Do I need An Account?

You don’t need an account to place an order, you can easily check out as a guest and check your order status. 

It really does help you to register for an account as future orders & history, invoices and delivery notes are all available online.

Getting Support For Your Item

Your item has been bought by one of our Vendors, in the first instance please contact that vendor to obtain support, make an inquiry or request refund.
Each of our vendors have their own policies for shipping, refunds, tax, order processing times.  When visiting A store, you will clearly see their full information like address, phone number, location and email.
You can also use YPG Stores to chat to the vendor inside your account.

Can I Get A Refund?

You need to discuss that with the store owner.  Each store has their own refund policy, which is clearly detailed from their store page.

How Can I Make Payment

You can make payment in 3 ways from any of our stores.

Credit & Cards


Direct Bank Transfer.

How Safe Is YPG Stores?

We use many things to protect both shoppers and vendors.  256-Bit SSL Encryption ensures your data is encyrpted in the browser and safe for shopping.

Our security includes CloudFlare, TLS Connectivity and Dual Factor Authentication to our Admin.  If you have any questions about security please email

Frequently asked questions (Vendors)

Do I need An Account To Be A Vendor?

To be a registered vendor (store owner) yes you need an account.
You can register free or Login Here:

Getting Support For Your Store

You can see better information in our Help section for support of Vendors. 
If you are stuck with something and our online documentation doesn’t help or you would like to add some functionality, simply email or use the chat (whatsapp) function to get in touch – or use our Contact Form

What Costs Are Involved?

We give ALL store owners 60 Days to setup and go live completely FREE.  After 60 days we charge just £3.99 per month and you can cancel anytime.

YPG-Stores charge £1 per item sold from your store and ZERO commission.

Payment Processor Fee’s apply (Circa 1.4% & 0.20p charge – Please click here for more information.

What About Tax & VAT Collection

YPG Stores charge VAT on our £1 Fee, it’s your responsibility to report income & earnings and charge VAT if you are registered to do so.
When setting up your store you configure tax details, international orders are allowed and Taxes can be configured per country.

What About Customer Delivery

Inside the shopping cart when shoppers place an order, they must insert their address.  The cart works out the customer location and the relevant store location, then looks at delivery rates configured inside your store to charge.
When setting up your store, delivery is part of the process.   You can charge delivery as a global or fixed rate or weight based + location.  International shipping can also be catered for.
ShipStation is configured, so vendors can easily print shipping labels and delivery notes from within your Store Manager or you can chose your own method of delivery outside the platform.
YPG Stores do NOT Dropship or store products made by our vendors.

Giving Customer Support

Vendors can easily respond to inquiries and questions about products or delivery either via Your Store Manager or via email.

The customers after each order are given 3 days to receive their item(s) and are requested to provide a review, which Google will pick up and increase your website traffic.

How To Take Payment

From inside your store manager there is a “withdraw" button, click this to have funds transfered to your payment choice.

All orders received have a 3 day cooling off period before you are allowed to withdraw completed order funds.

This is a fraud protection measurement to help both Shoppers and Vendors stay safe.