Back Office E-Commerce Technology

Here’s how we setup the up the marketplace for YPG customers and it gives you an insight to behind the scenes.

Behind your store is quite a complex e-commerce machine. If you would like to see full documentation to your store, the Admin behind it and the full features available, please click here

The foundations of this website are with

  1. WordPress – The Internet’s most deployed CMS
  2. Woocommerce – WP Ecommerce chosen by 3m store owners
  3. WCFM – Best of Class Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Commission Setup

This is no doubt the most important part of any multi-vendor site. Setting up your marketplace commissions had never been this convenient, thanks to WCfM Marketplace! Now you can set up your store commissions rules for your admin or vendors either for all products or for specific products. The store commission would be calculated and disbursed to vendors based on your settings.

The Marketplace offers you a wide variety of commission modes for your convenient. Along with the traditional commission types, The Marketplace also lets you set out the commissions by Vendor Sales and Product Price -something that no one else offers! You may overwrite the default rules for store-specific or product-specific levels or simply keep the rules globally default for all the vendors..

Commission is set to £1 and only applies when you make a sale. It’s not really commission, it’s a fee for using the site.

woocommerce marketplace - commission

How about a few more options? You can now adjust the commission options for the Shipping Cost, Tax Cost and Coupon Deduction as well! Talk about flexible Commission Setup and The Marketplace is there for you!

woocommerce marketplace - withdrawal

Withdrawal and Payment Setup

The Marketplace allows commission disbursal only through withdrawal. The vendor requires to request for the payment and the admin may approve the payment either manually or by auto-approval. There is a 72 hour cooling off period for all orders into the system, withdrawals can be made when order is complete and 72 hours have expired.

Admin can enable payment methods like Paypal, Stripe, Skrill or enable Bank Transfer. You can also allow or disallow withdrawal for certain orders depending upon the payment methods that the vendor  have chosen. You can also set a withdrawal limit or set a threshold time for an order to be available for withdrawal (quite useful for refund orders!)

The admin can also set specific withdrawal rules for certain vendors. You may enable Auto-approve Request, Withdrawal Limit, Withdrawal Threshold or Withdrawal Charges for specific vendors or keep the rules default for the vendor – the choice is yours! The vendor can also pick up his preferred payment option from the Settings. All these and much more at WCfM Marketplace!

I have setup Stripe, which allows for much better Fraud and Refund rates. Payment Processor fee’s apply, please see our FAQ

Shipping Setup

Another new feature that The Marketplace offers you is the ability to manage the shipping of the products. Admin can allow 2 types of shipping to the vendors – Shipping by Country and Shipping by Zone. In Country wise shipping, vendor can select shipping by specifying the countries or the states where the items can be shipped. If you select Zone wise shipping, not just the region (continent) can be specified but the country, state and even the postal code can also be specified.

Vendor can set Default Shipping Price, Per Product Additional Price or Per Quantity Additional Price when Country wise shipping is selected. You can also manage the processing time of the shipment as well as the country from where the product is shipped!

woocommerce multivendor marketplace - shipping

Now choose multiple shipping methods like Flat-rate Shipping, Free Shipping or Local Pickup for each zone when you select the Shipping by Zone option! The vendor can edit each zone according to the country, state or postcode. The vendor may also edit the Shipping cost for each shipping method and the vendor commission will be calculated taking into account the shipping costs! That makes Shipping management even more powerful!

Already tempted to try all these, aren’t you? Then why wait?

woocommerce multivendor marketplace - review

Review Management

Sometimes, customers look up at the store reviews to decide whether he/she should buy from the specific vendor. Therefore, for any multi-vendor site, vendor store reviews are as important as product reviews. WCfM Marketplace brings the power to manage customer reviews for the site’s vendor stores.

Now it’s in your hands to approve or disapprove /delete a customer review. Vendors can also manage the reviews but you can always control this option. Even when you enable Auto-approve, you can manage the reviews from Reviews manage page. Want more? You can set different review rating categories where the total rating would be calculated based on the average of the ratings! Let your customers choose from the best of the vendors through your screening of the reviews! Read on to know more!

Refund System

What if you buy a product and are not satisfied with the same? You would want to exchange it or request for a refund, right? Well, WCfM Marketplace eases up the return policy for the vendors. Vendor may request a refund based on the support ticket decision.

Now the admin can set a refund request threshold which will specify a particular day till which the order would be available for refund.  The vendor can request for either a Full Refund or a Partial Refund and can also add a reason for the Refund Request. A thing to note her is that the payment needs to be refunded manually by the admin. Now control the refund facilities for the vendors either for specifically or globally! WCfM Marketplace offers you many more perks!

woocommerce multivendor marketplace - refund
woocommerce multivendor marketplace - policy

Store Policies

Now the vendor can define all the types of policies for the store and products without much hassle! You can now define the Shipping, Refund or the Cancellation/ Return/ Exchange Policies for either selective products or for sitewise products.

These policies can be set from the Product Policies tab under the WCfM Dashboard. Once the vendor sets the policies for individual products/ sitewise and enable the option, the policies will be sent to the customers with the store invoice. You may also disable any or all of these policies by setting the modules off. Admin can also control the policies either for individual vendors, for a group or set it globally default. One-stop management for all the policies! Here’s all that you need to know.

Customer Support

A customer may have several queries before or after purchasing a product. As a vendor, it’s important to answer to all their queries. WCfM Marketplace allows you to set out the customer support information on your site so that your customers can reach out to you anytime.

Vendors can provide with a Support Address, Support Email or a Support Phone number for the customers. Under the Customer Support tab in Settings, vendors can fill in with the necessary contact details. These information will be available to the customers in their order details as well as the store invoice. That’s how WCfM helps you build better association with your customers… well, virtually. Click here to know more.

woocommerce multivendor marketplace - support

Plugin Documentation is for YPG Stores Admin (Not Store Vendors), but we offer transparency so you can make choices about your store and how it’s managed. The site uses the FREE editions of the plugins (currently) with hosting and fee’s we charge to use the site, we aim to upgrade the site and the features available to you.

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